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Bike Trailers

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Move Yourself Hire - motorbike trailers

Triple Bike Trailer

Payload Size: | 6'x5' | 1.9mx1.6m | N/A |

Axle: Tandem

Possible uses: Transport various motorcycles.*

*Note: The design of the Bike Carrier can differ from depot to depot, it is strongly recommended that you inspect the trailer at your closest depot to make sure your motorcycle will fit correctly.

The Trailers listed on this website are our most common designs, however some site's trailers may vary in appearance and specifications to those listed on this website. Please be aware of this when booking a trailer, where possible it is recommended to inspect the trailer before you hire it to make sure it is suitable for your application.

PLEASE NOTE: It is illegal to tow a trailer that has a combined weight of trailer and load over 2 tonne on a trailer with brakes. It is also illegal to tow with a combined weight of trailer and load over 750kg with a trailer that has no brakes. Not all tow bars or vehicles can tow some of the above trailers safely and comply with the law. If you are unsure on what your vehicle can carry, please either check your vehicle owners manual or visit your dealer where you purchased your vehicle or you can even visit a tow bar manufacturer for their opinion on what your vehicle can safely tow.

*Images and photographs used on this Website are shown for illustrative purposes only. Except as otherwise required by law or as otherwise expressly stated by us, the physical appearance and features of vehicles or any other goods and services we provide may differ at the time of hire to those pictured on the Website at the time of booking. For more detailed information about vehicles or any other goods and services, you should contact us using the contact details contained on this Website.

† All Oneway / Return Hires and Quotes are subject to availability, the completion of the booking process and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Hire and the Booking Cancellation Policy.

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