Move Yourself Bike & Go Kart Trailer Hire

Our Motorbike Trailers and Go Kart Trailers are designed to help you transport your Motorbikes and Go Karts easily. Most of our Motorbike trailers feature 3 tracks long enough for most Motorbikes. Available in popular locations right around Australia, subject to availability.
Please note: Our Go Kart Trailers can carry 2 x Go Karts and can also carry 1 x Motorbike (not at the same time)

Move Yourself Bike & Go Kart Trailer Hire's are available in the following configurations.
Size CategoryHoldsAxle ConfigurationBrake ConfigurationEmpty WeightCarry Capacity
Small3 BikesSingleNo Brakes200kg549kg
Medium3 BikesSingleBraked500kg1499kg
Medium2 Go Karts or 1 BikeSingleBraked650kg849kg