Elecbrake Bluetooth Braking System

Hire customers towing over 2 tonne including the trailers weight, have only two options:

  • Vehicle Electric brakes: The challenge here, is that your vehicle must fitted with a hard-wired controller installed by an auto electrician to be able to control and active the brakes from inside the vehicle.
  • Hydraulic brakes: fitted with an overseas spec override actuator, but with no provision to control the trailer in the case of emergency from inside the vehicle i.e., steep descent or the ability to control swaying. Instead, the braking system relies on the inertia of your car brakes to activate the trailer brakes which in turn requires on your vehicle braking to work a lot harder. Hydraulic brakes cannot be controlled or adjusted in accordance to your load.
At Move Yourself, we are always looking for ways to innovate, improve and develop new technologies to make towing safer, so we have partnered with ELECBRAKE to solve this problem.

What does this mean:
  • No hard-wired controller needs to be fitted to your vehicle
  • Better carrying capacity
  • Safer towing
  • Adjustable braking capacity
  • Electric Brakes fitted on all wheels
  • State of the art software

How does this work:

  1. Download the Elecbrake app from the app store (Respective download links are below).
  2. Connect the trailer to your vehicle.
  3. Turn on your driving lights (which must be on the entire time you are towing to maintain the Bluetooth connection)
  4. Activate Bluetooth on your device and connect the app with the trailer

From there, the energising level can be adjusted depending on load weights, but the part we are most excited about is the safety aspect. We can now offer a legal ADR approved car trailer to tow over 2 tonne and if swaying occurs, the Elecbrake system on the trailer allows you to activate the override emergency button. For a more detailed explanation on this, please see the Safe Operating Procedure for the Heavy Loada HERE.

We have begun our rollout of the 3.5T Heavy Loada Car Trailer, and we will continue to update you all as we roll more of these out into the market.

Please feel free to call our booking office [1300 882 187] for any additional information or queries you may have.
As always, thank you for your ongoing support.

Download the Elecbrakes mobile app below

Download Now on Google Play
Download from the APP Store

Set Up Guide

A comprehensive setup guide from installation, instructions and troubleshooting.