Policies & Important Information

Please check all available information before continuing with a hire.

Incidental Damage Cover

The Incidental Damage Waiver is a compulsory fee and included in every hire. The Incidental Damage Waiver releases customers from any claims by us for minor damage to our equipment hired including but not limited to:

  1. Minor dents, scratches and chips;
  2. Damage to tyres and rims;
  3. Damage to light leads; and
  4. Damage to padlocks and keys.

Please note, the IDW does not release a customer in the event of an accident or damage, and also does not release a customer from claims by us for malicious damage, theft, overloading or any overhead damage.

Damage Limitation Fee

The Damage Limitation Fee is an optional fee that a customer can choose to pay to limit any claim we may have for damage to any trailer or vehicle hired.

The Damage Limitation Amount varies for different types of hire items and if opted in for, can reduce the liability amount payable in the event of an accident including single vehicle only and if involved with another party. It does not however limit claims brought by any third parties against you for any damage or loss caused by your actions.

Tyre Cover

As an added bonus to our Move Yourself customers, we have included in the Incidental Damage Waiver cover on tyres. This means that if you experience a puncture or blow out to the vehicle, then you only need to call into a Beaurepaires Tyre Centre anywhere in Australia and the tyre will be repaired free of charge. (This free offer is only through Beaurepaires Tyre Centres) This is our commitment to cover our customers while they are traveling across this great Country, however please carefully note any exclusions.

Please Note:
In the event of an accident all towing costs must be paid for by the hirer to transport the vehicle back to Move Yourself’s nominated Depot.