Move Yourself Cage Trailer

We offer a large range of Cage Trailers for hire that are perfect for general purpose jobs. The high sides make it easy to secure your load and allow for a flexible arrangement. Our cage trailers are available in both ramp and rear door configurations depending on your need.

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Move Yourself Cage Trailer's are available in the following configurations.
Size Category Payload Dimensions Axle Configuration Brake Configuration Empty Weight Carry Capacity
Small 6'x4' | 1.8mx1.2m Single No Brakes 200kg 450kg
Small 7'x4' | 2.1mx1.2m Single No Brakes 250kg 400kg
Medium 8'x5' | 2.4mx1.5m Single No Brakes 400kg 250kg
Medium 8'x5' | 2.4mx1.5m Single Braked 450kg 950kg
Medium 8'x5' | 2.4mx1.5m Tandem Braked 550kg 1350kg
Large 10'x6' | 3mx1.8m Tandem Braked 600kg 1300kg
Large 13'x6' | 3.9mx1.8m Tandem Braked 700kg 1200kg