Move Yourself Car Carrier/Car Trailer Hire

We have several Car Carriers available for hire for when you need to move a non-roadworthy vehicle. Our Car Carrier Trailers are designed and built to ensure moving your vehicle is as safe and simple as possible. Available in popular locations Across Australia.

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Move Yourself Car Carrier/Car Trailer Hire's are available in the following configurations.
Payload Dimensions Axle Configuration Brake Configuration Empty Weight Carry Capacity
12'x6' | 3.6mx1.8m Tandem Braked 700kg 1300kg
14'x6' | 4.2mx1.8m Tandem Braked 800kg 1200kg
14'x6' | 4.2mx1.8m Tandem Braked 900kg 1100kg
15'x6' | 4.5mx1.8m Tandem Braked 750kg 1250kg