Move Yourself Plain Trailer

Plain Trailers are perfect for general purpose jobs. We have several sized trailers available for hire which are easy to load and unload due to their low sides and rear fold-down tailgates.

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Move Yourself Plain Trailer's are available in the following configurations.
Size Category Payload Dimensions Axle Configuration Brake Configuration Empty Weight Carry Capacity
Small 6'x4' | 1.8mx1.2m Single No Brakes 200kg 500kg
Small 7'x4' | 2.1mx1.2m Single No Brakes 250kg 450kg
Medium 8'x5' | 2.4mx1.5m Single No Brakes 300kg 400kg
Medium 8'x5' | 2.4mx1.5m Single Braked 350kg 1050kg
Medium 8'x5' | 2.4mx1.5m Tandem Braked 450kg 1450kg
Large 10'x6' | 3mx1.8m Tandem Braked 500kg 1400kg