Policies & Important Information

Please check all available information before continuing with a hire.

Damage Waiver
General Cover

The hirer must pay a non-refundable damage waiver fee on or before commencement of the hire and prior to any extension of hire. The damage waiver fee is not an insurance cover; but an agreement by the Owner that in some circumstances the Hirer’s liability for damage to the vehicle will be limited to an amount totalling two thousand dollars ($2000). Payment of the damage waiver fee only limits the Hirer’s liabilities for damages to the vehicle and not for other liabilities including but not limited to the load or goods carried by the vehicle, personal property left in the vehicle, and the property of any other person. The limitation of liability shall not apply when:

  1. The damage is caused by use or operation of the vehicle in contravention of any conditions in the agreement.
  2. The vehicle is lost or stolen by reason of negligence or with the complicity of the Hirer as determined by independent investigation.
  3. The loss or damage occurs due to the vehicle being overloaded or incorrectly loaded or used for a purpose for which it was not designed.
  4. The vehicle is driven, towed or used by a person other than the Hirer or a person named hereon.
  5. The vehicle is driven or used on an unsealed road, track or pathway
  6. The vehicle is driven by the Hirer who is under the influence of a drug, or whose blood alcohol concentration as determined by breath test exceeds that permitted by law or who upon requirement lawfully made by a Police Officer in connection with his driving, towing or use of the vehicle fails to provide as prescribed a specimen of breath or blood for analysis.
  7. The Hirer is in breach of any condition of this agreement

In the event of an accident, the vehicle must be returned to our depot and the accident must be reported to our booking & enquiries office on 1300 882 187.

Tyre Cover

As an added bonus to our Move Yourself customers, we have included in the Damage Waiver cover on tyres. This means that if you experience a puncture or blow out to the vehicle, then you only need to call into a Beaurepaires Tyre Centre anywhere in Australia and the tyre will be repaired free of charge. (This free offer is only through Beaurepaires Tyre Centres) This is our commitment to cover our customers while they are traveling across this great Country, however please carefully note any exclusions.

Please Note:
In the event of an accident all towing costs must be paid for by the hirer to transport the vehicle back to Move Yourself’s nominated Depot.