Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions

Hire Items & Availability

What items does Move Yourself have available for hire?

While we specialise in self-serve trailer hire, we also offer a range of trucks, vans, utes, lawnmowers, and more.

Are all your hire items available everywhere?

While we have thousands of trailers, vehicles, and other hire equipment across Australia, unfortunately we aren't able to offer every hire item in every state. Always check the hire item page for more information, or simply use our online booking engine to check availability. Some items are only available in specific locations.

Pricing, Fees & Hiring

Why haven't I received my deposit back?

As soon as you have returned your trailer in our system the bank is notified to credit your account for the amount of your deposit. Depending on your bank, there can be a delay in payment of up to 5 working days. If you have not recieved your deposit within this period, please contact our office on 1300 882 187 and press 3 to access our accounts department.

Can I hire and tow a trailer while I'm on my Learners or Probationary Licence?

Laws vary from state to state. Please refer to the table below to see if you're able to tow a trailer on your licence.

Full Licence
This information is correct at time of writing, but is not an official listing. It is the drivers responsibility to ensure they comply with their relevant state laws when towing.

Unable To Tow
Able To Tow

I need my hire for a longer period of time, am I able to extend my hire?

Yes. To extend your hire you will need to call us on 1300 882 187. Please ensure you have your contract number handy.

I want to cancel my hire, is there a cancellation fee?

If for whatever reason you need to cancel a booking, there will be a cancellation fee. Please call us on 1300 882 187 to cancel the booking. If the booking is cancelled, 5% of the total amount will be kept.

If you fail to collect your hire within 1 hour of the schedules pickup time, no refund will be given.

How old do I need to be to hire a Ute, Van or Truck?

The requirement is 21 years of age on a full licence.

Trailers, Vehicles & Towing

How much weight can your trailers carry?

Please see our trailer specifications page for all carrying weights and trailer dimensions.

What size tow ball is required for your trailers?

A tow ball of 50mm is required.

Do I need to have a tow bar installed?

Yes, this needs to be fitted by a tow bar specialist. Tow bar, D Shackle and 50mm tow ball are all part of the towbar and should be supplied by the hirer when picking up a trailer. You cannot hire a tow bar, they are a structural component that needs to be fitted by a tow bar specialist.

What sort of braking system do you have on your trailers?

All of our trailers that are braked are fitted with an override braking system - a braking system that uses inertia to apply braking to the trailer. When the vehicles brakes are applied, the trailer follows up and applies its own brakes via a mounted plunger system inside the coupling which slides in and activates the braking device on the wheels.

Please note: the trailer brakes are not designed to pull the towing vehicle up. They are designed to assist the towing vehicle's braking only.

What sort of electrical connections/adaptors do you supply?

We have all the different leads with the different plug types inside the agent's shop to suit most vehicles. Some European vehicles require their own adapters issued from the manufacturer.

What sort of electrical fittings do you have on your trailers?

All of our trailers are fitted with 7 pin LARGE metal bases which are looped for 7 pin and 5 pin plugs. If you have a plug that is different than the one on the trailer, don't worry we have all of the plug types inside the agent's shop.

Technical tip: If you have a large 7 or 5 pin plug base on your car same as the trailer, and you plug the lead in to check the lights and you only get brake and tail lights working, just turn the lead around and that should rectify the problem.

There is a problem with my trailer, what should I do?

If there is an issue with the trailer upon picking it up, please contact our booking office on 1300 882 187

What do I do if I get a flat tyre while I have one of your Trailers on Hire?

Our trailers carry spare tyres but not jacks or wheel braces so be sure to take these before your journey. If you do have a flat or blow out and you've fit the spare tyre, please call the booking office on 1300 882 187 and inform them first before to dropping into any GoodYear or Beaurepaires for tyres store and the damaged tyre will be fixed free of charge.

Other Questions

How do I convert feet to metres?

There are 3.3 feet to every 1 metre. Conversely, there are 0.3 metres to 1 foot. You can also use an online tool to help you with your conversion.

Can I ring the hire site in order to make a booking?

All bookings and enquiries are handled through our head office which can be contacted on 1300 882 187. If the trailer you want is booked out at your closest location, we can find another hire for you that is closest in the area.